We are building ListenApp to revolutionise the reach and support available to vulnerable people in need. ListenApp is a mobile application which protects victims of abuse, featuring a voice-activated security system.

We will be selecting five charity partners to license ListenApp for free as a one year pilot.

Functions and Features:

  • disguised as a calculator for the security of the user
  • automatically alerts chosen contacts via voice triggers
  • ability for multiple voice triggers to send different alerts, to numerous contacts
  • audio recording mode that can be activated by schedules or voice triggers
  • all recordings and data saved to the user’s phone
  • direct call button to the charity’s helpline
  • locked by secret PIN

ListenApp offers three critical services:

  • alert others that the user is in danger, without them needing to pick up the phone
  • automatic and discreet audio recording function to provide tangible proof of abuse
  • a direct call to charity helpline button for immediate support, featured on every page within the app

If you would like to see a demo of ListenApp, please let us know.

Help us:

Research has been done of which 100% of participants, including charities and survivors of abuse, confirmed the need and benefit of ListenApp.

Please fill out our short questionnaire to help us ensure that we continue to build ListenApp to protect vulnerable people in the best way possible.

Your comments are greatly appreciated and will help us fill the gap in service provision for the protection of victims of abuse.